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Got tattoo regret? Are you having a difficult time moving on with your life with your embarrassing or ugly tattoos? Tattoo Removal Laredo has the perfect solutions for you. We have your ‘laser tattoo removal near me’!

Tattoo Removal Laredo

Welcome to Tattoo Removal Laredo! We understand better than anyone else that some tattoos can harbor bad memories or feelings. Some tattoos can end up being embarrassing or did not turn out how you wanted them. We have the perfect solution for you. Laser tattoo removal is the safest way to remove your unwanted tattoos. We offer services that benefit everyone! Our services include:

  • Laser Tattoo Fading
  • Complete Laser Tattoo Removal
  • Permanent Makeup and Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

If you have been searching for ‘tattoo removal near me’, you have come to the right place! We offer premium tattoo removal at the lowest tattoo removal cost Laredo can get you. Our licensed tattoo removal technicians are waiting to help you!

About Tattoo Removal Laredo

If you have a tattoo, you have probably heard at least one person tell you “are you sure you want a tattoo? It will be stuck with you forever!” And while that may have been true one hundred years ago, it’s not anymore! In 1967 the first laser tattoo removal treatment was done and ever since then, it’s been an option for those who want a tattoo removed. Permanent tattoo removal is the safest way to remove your unwanted tattoos!

Tattoo Removal Laredo specializes in laser tattoo removal and we continue to grow our clinic. Our values include:

  1. Trust: We work hard to earn the trust of our clients. It is important for us to have that trust as we are working so closely with the skin.
  2. Teamwork: We work together as an office, and with you! We want to be on the same page and make sure we are providing the results you desire.
  3. Safety: We only use safe equipment, and we make sure you are prepped for safety while working with laser technology.
  4. Knowledge: We provide the most up to date information on laser tattoo removal and are always continuing our education in laser tattoo removal.

Our main goal is to help you get the results you want. We want to help you move on from bad memories or embarrassing conversations because of your unwanted tattoos. Tattoo Removal Laredo offers the best tattoo removal Laredo can get you! So, what are you waiting for? Come get your laser tattoo removal, Laredo!

Why Choose Us?

Our clients have been choosing us for over 25 years because we truly care about you. We strive hard to build relationships with you and make you feel welcomed and safe.

We take extra steps to ensure you are comfortable and happy with your results. Our clients have great things to say about us! Scroll down to ‘Customer Testimonials” to read what they have to say!

We have learned a lot in our 25 years of tattoo removal service. Here is what is important to our clinic:

  1. A Clean Office: we keep our office clean and we can guarantee your treatment room and equipment have been cleaned and disinfected for you.
  2. A Safe Place: You can guarantee we will not judge you for which tattoos you have, or which tattoos you decide to keep. We understand people have different opinions and beliefs and we respect that.
  3. Client Comfort: Your comfort is important to us. We offer numbing options for your comfort.
  4. Tattoo Removal Prices Laredo: We strive to provide the most affordable tattoo removal cost. We also offer free consultations and payment plans for your convenience.

In Laredo, tattoo removal is the number one place to get your unwanted tattoos removed! Our laser tattoo removal technicians are certified and have years of experience.

Our technology is advanced (PicoSure Laser Technology) and we get the toughest ink colors out of your skin. Tattoo Removal Laredo offers the best tattoo removal service. If you’d like to feel the difference laser tattoo removal can make in your life, give us a call today to schedule your free consultation!

What To Expect

If you are interested in laser tattoo removal Laredo, TX, here are some things you should know. Tattoo Removal is no quick process. The average tattoo can take up to 10 sessions to be completely removed, and sometimes even more.

Each session must be scheduled at least six weeks apart to allow your skin to rejuvenate and heal. Even though the laser tattoo removal process can take up to a year or more, it is so worth it! You can finally put those bad choices behind you now that they are not a daily reminder while looking in the mirror.

At your free consultation with us, we will evaluate your tattoo, go over recommendations, tattoo removal price, and the treatment schedule. We will make sure your questions are answered and you are comfortable moving forward with treatment. As you prepare for your session, make sure your skin is clean and shaved. It is best to avoid oils, creams, and lotions on the day of your appointment.

We recommend you take an over the counter pain medication, like Tylenol prior to your appointment if we are worried about discomfort. After your appointment, we will give you antibiotic creams and bandages to place over the laser affected area.

After your session, you may notice swelling, pain, or blistering. These side effects should subside after a couple of days. We recommend staying out of direct sunlight or using SPF 25 or higher. Avoiding hot water and high water pressure is also recommended while your skin is healing. If you ever have concerns or questions, you can always give us a call.

Need Tattoo Removal Services?

Our Services

laredo tattoo removal

Laser Tattoo Fading

If you plan to cover up your tattoo with a new tattoo, laser tattoo fading is a great option for you. This service is typically less expensive, takes fewer sessions and you will get great results! Like the complete laser tattoo removal, we can fade an entire tattoo or a portion of it.

laredo tattoo removal cost

Complete Laser Tattoo Removal

If you want your tattoo gone for good, then complete laser tattoo removal is the service for you! This service takes up to 10 sessions (sometimes more) to completely remove your tattoo. Our service offers completely removing the whole tattoo or just a portion of it. There is always flexibility with our services.

laredo eyebrow tattoo removal

Permanent Makeup and Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

If you have permanent makeup or eyebrow tattoos that you want to be removed, our permanent makeup and eyebrow tattoo removal services are perfect for you. We use our best lasers on the face because while removing face tattoos, the skin is more delicate. We put your safety first.

About Laredo

Laredo is located in the Southern tip of Texas, on the border of Mexico. It is located on the Rio Grande River. With a population of 265 thousand people and a lower than average cost of living, it’s the perfect city for anyone to settle in.

Laredo offers mouthwatering, authentic Mexican cuisine that anyone will love. Laredo lives in its rich culture, with the streets that go east to west that are named after American and Mexican Generals. Laredo is home to The Republic of the Rio Grande Museum, Lake Casa Blanca, Zacate Creek, Fort McIntosh, and Casa Ortiz.

Surrounding cities include:

  • Nuevo Laredo, Mexico
  • Rio Grande City, TX
  • Alice, TX
  • Kingsville, TX
  • Eagle Pass, TX
  • Nava, Mexico
  • Camargo, Mexico
  • Sabinas, Mexico
  • Bustamante, Mexico
  • Many other surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions

What does laser tattoo removal cost?

Laser tattoo removal prices vary by the client but expect each session to run anywhere between $200-$500.

Does laser tattoo removal hurt?

Laser tattoo removal is described as a rubber band snapping your skin over and over. Some people find it more uncomfortable than others. We recommend Tylenol prior to your appointment. We also provide numbing options for your comfort.

Who is a candidate for laser tattoo removal?

Most people are a candidate for laser tattoo removal. We evaluate your tattoo, medical history, and prescribed medications.

Why would someone want to get rid of a tattoo?

There are many reasons, but here are some examples:

  1. Change in career
  2. Joining the military
  3. Change in lifestyle
  4. End of a relationship
  5. Did not like the tattoo to begin with

Who can perform laser tattoo removal?

Certified, licensed technicians should be performing your laser tattoo removal. Our staff is certified and licensed!

Is tattoo removal safe?

Yes, tattoo removal is safe and proven to be effective for removing unwanted tattoos.

Does laser tattoo removal cause scarring?

Laser tattoo removal typically does not cause scarring. If you have existing scars under your tattoo, those will still be present.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

As our licensed technicians glide the laser across your tattoo, the pulses of energy shatter the ink into tiny fragments, which allows your body to dissolve and dispose of the ink.

What ink colors are the easiest/toughest colors to get out of the skin?

The easiest colors to get off your skin are typically black and dark greens. The toughest colors to get off your skin are typically yellows, blues, and fluorescent or neon colors.


“I am so grateful for Tattoo Removal Laredo. I was so embarrassed by a tattoo I got on a bet in college. It was getting to the point where I would wear long sleeves in the summer just to avoid people asking about it! Tattoo Removal Laredo was very affordable and I was able to remove the hideous tattoo from my skin.”

Bethany R.

“I am so pleased with the professionalism and friendliness of the staff at Tattoo Removal Laredo. I was humiliated by how my tattoo looked, and where it was located. I felt no judgment in their office and I was able to feel safe and comfortable while getting it removed.”

Gina E.

“I have had several tattoos removed so far in my life, but Tattoo Removal Laredo was the best office I’ve been to! Their technology and equipment are way ahead of the times and it was so effective and faster than other places I’ve been.”

Ben L.

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Are you putting off your laser tattoo removal, Laredo? There’s no need to wait any longer! We have advanced technology to help give you results faster, safer, and more effective than other clinics. We love what we do, and we would love to help you! Removing old tattoos can bring newfound confidence to you that you forgot you had!

Tattoo Removal Laredo is rated number one in laser tattoo removal in Laredo and neighboring cities. No matter where your tattoo is located or what the tattoo looks like, we are certain we can get rid of it and help you feel confident again. If you would like more information, or to schedule your free consultation, give us a call today!

Tattoo Removal Laredo

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